TetraPond ClearChoice Biofilters - Replacement Media Pad Set

TetraPond ClearChoice Biofilters - Replacement Media Pad Set | Gravity Filters

TetraPond ClearChoice Biofilters - Replacement Media Pad Set

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Brand: Tetra

SKU: TET16785

These Filters were DISCONTINUED for 2010 but we still carry the Replacement Filters
Trickle filtration and BioRing media.
Fine and coarse mechanical filtration material.
Includes activated carbon pad.
Venturi, overflow, and internal spray systems.
Modular construction allows for connection of additional filters.
3/4" and 1" intake on PF-1 and PF-2;1"on PF-3.


PF-1 - (Tet16783) For water gardens up to 1000 gal; koi pond up to 500 gal; flow rate up to 500 gph - DISCONTINUED
PF-2 - (Tet16782) For water gardens up to 1800 gal; koi pond up to 1000 gal; flow rate up to 750 gph - DISCONTINUED 

PF-3 - (Tet16781) For water gardens up to 2400 gal; kol pond up to 1500 gal; flow rate up to l000 gph - DISCONTINUED 

TET16785-Replacement Filter Media Pad Set for Clear Choice Biofilters

Efficient Biofiltration biologically and mechanically cleans pond water

ClearChoice Biofilter sponges remove suspended matter from the pond.
A combination of Trickle-Flow Technology, aeration and massive surface area promote the growth of ammonia-consuming bacteria.

TetraPond ClearChoice Biofilters make it easy to maintain the health of your pond. T
hree models can handle small, medium and large ponds, up to 2,400 gallons.
Connected in parallel, they can even clarify extra-large water gardens or Koi ponds.

ClearChoice Biofilter
Maintain a healthy and clear pond with TetraPond Clearchoice Biofilters. Ornamental fish can overload a pond ecosystem with ammonia and other pollutants. ClearChoice biofiltration removes these contaminants and ammonia using its advanced Trickle Flow and Bio Ring technologies.


*Easy out-of-pond accessibility and simple maintenance
*Mechanical pre-filter sponges-remove suspended debris to improve water clarity
*Bio Ring media provide massive surface areas for beneficial aerobic bacteria to adhere to and multiply, helping eliminate the ammonia toxins created by fish waste and decomposing plant materials
*TetraPond internal spray systems and Trickle Flow technology disperses pond water slowly and evenly through the Bio Rings ensuring that there is sufficient oxygen to provide optimal biofiltration conditions

*1.25" drain fitting

*Interchangeable .75", 1" intake fittings

*Venturi inlet aerates water and thus enhances bio-activity

ClearChoice Biofilter Selection Guide
Biofilter Model: PF-1  - DISCONTINUED
Pond Size: 1200 gal
Max Flow: 500 gph 750 gph 1000 gph
Dia: 15.25" 15.25" 15.25"
Height: 12.5" 17.5" 22.5"

Biofilter Model:PF-2  - DISCONTINUED
Pond Size:1800 gal
Max Flow: 750 gph
Dia: 15.25"
Height: 17.5" 
Biofilter Model:PF- DISCONTINUED
Pond Size:2400 gal
Max Flow: 1000 gph
Dia: 15.25"
Height: 22.5"


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