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Brand: Aqua Ultraviolet


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Part #: AUVZA50024


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Part #: A50015


Aqua Ultraviolet has current and approved EPA certification: EPA Est 68177-CA-001 

To support aquatic life whether at an aquaculture facility, backyard pond or large aquarium system it is essential to remove both ammonia and accumulated debris.The most efficient way to accomplish this is by installing an Ultima II Bio-Mechanical filter. 

 The patented media has the highest biofilm surface for bacterial growth. The beneficial bacteria convert ammonia into harmless compounds. In field and independent laboratory testing the Ultima II filter with its patented media is the first to nitrify fish waste. Internal jets in the filter are activated during the backwash separating the waste from the media and sending it out the waste line. Backwash is performed simply by rotating the valve. Combines both biological and mechanical filtration in one compact body

Simply by rotating the valve the patented cyclonic backwash system does the dirty work for you. In just minutes the internal jets clean the filter for you. Ultima II Filters are designed for high flow rates, extreme fish loads, and elevated feed rates. Unique tubular design protects bacteria while dislodging unwanted debris. Features Aqua-tube non-clumping biomedia. No channeling, only minutes to backwash. Works with low amp, high flow pumps



Part # Description Max Flow (GPH) Max. Pond Volume Diameter Height Inlet/Outlet Size
AUVF01 Ultima II 1000


1400 1000 15" 27" 1 1/2" Top
A50079 Ultima II 1000


1600 1000 15" 27" 2" Top
AUVF02 Ultima II 2000


2400 2000 17" 36" 1 1/2" Top
AUVGF02 Ultima II 2000


2600 2000 17" 36" 2" Top
AUVF04 Ultima II 4000


3800 4000 20 1/2" 41" 1 1/2" Top
AUVGF04 Ultima II 4000


4200 4000 20 1/2" 41" 2" Top
AUVF06 Ultima II 6000


5000 6000 22 1/2" 41" 2" Top
AUVZSF10 Ultima II 10000


6500 10000 24 1/2" 41" 2" Top
AUVZSF20 Ultima II 20000


6500 20000 31" 50" 2" Top
AUVZSF30 Ultima II 30000 (Top Mount) 7500 30000 35 1/2" 53" 2" Top
AUVZSF31 Ultima II 30000 (Side Mount)


9000 30000 36" 48" 3" Side
A50600 Ultima II 60000


20000 60000 46" 54" 3" Side


A50073 - Ultima II 1000 (2" Valve)

A50079 - Ultima II 1000 (2" valve)

A50019 - Ultima II 2000 (1-1/2" valve)

A50017 - Ultima II 2000 (2" valve) 

A50003 - Ultima II 4000 (1-1/2" valve)

A50004 - Ultima II 4000  (2" valve) 

A50007 - Ultima II 6000 (2" valve) 

A50011 - Ultima II 10000 (2" valve) 

A50119 - Ultima II 20000 (2" valve) 

A50301 - Ultima II 30000 (2" valve) 

A50301 - Ultima II 30000 (3" valve) 

A50600 - Ultima II 60000 (3" valve) 


  • Media Never needs to be replaced
  • Units can be buried in earth up to the valve
  • No Channeling
  • Minutes to backwash
  • Pre-seeded with bacteria to quickly start colonization
  • Combines both biological and mechanical filtration
  • Ultima II Designed for: High Flow Rates, Extreme Fish Loads, Elevated Feed Rates


Customer Question:

Can a customer bury an Ultima II up to the neck like other lesser Pressure Filters or does it have to be above ground?

Aqua UV Answer:

They can be buried up to the neck. All the Valves and the head must be exposed. You won't be able to use the Drain Plug.


Ultima II / 2000 1 box

Ultima II / 4000 2 boxes

Ultima II / 6000 3 boxes

Ultima II / 10000 5 boxes

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

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Image 3.0 stars out of 5
Clogged pond filters

I have an Ultima II 20,000 filter on my backyard pond which is about 14,000 gallons. This filter works great, as in filtering, BUT it is way too hard to keep clean. Even while using pre-filters and skimmers, and with frequent backwashing according to instructions, over a season the thing will eventually get consolidated inside into a huge clump of fish-poop-media. !! You can easily tell when the performance is starting to decrease-- when the backwash discharge gets cleaner and cleaner over the season. You might think this sounds good, as your water is getting cleaner and cleaner, BUT WRONG--- the discharge water is getting cleaner because there is simply a channel in the filter tank, and you are mixing up less and less of the media since it has clumped together. They say you never have to clean the media inside these filters---- yes, that's true if you fill in your pond, move away, die, or build another filter! Ha---I've had to suck out all the media in this filter tank and clean the mess 3 times! That is a filthy, filthy assignment. Now my tank is buried, which makes this task VERY messy---and I'm NOT doing it again!! I think this filter would work well for an indoor koi pond, but my pond sees too many leaves, blown in garbage, twigs, etc. The ducks love it and so do the fish, but not the pond owner! I'm constantly trying to keep things clean--- even UV lights and chemicals don't help. What I need is a huge settling tank, but don't have the space for something like that. This burned out pond owner is ready to sell my fish and make a giant bog garden..... Have a nice summer!

Reviewed Sun, May 01 2022 12:26 pm by

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