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UltraKlean Pressurized Biological Pond Filter
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Guaranteed to clear pond water!

The Aquascape UltraKleanTM Biological Pressure Filter with a high output ultraviolet clarifier/sterilizer and an integrated electronic bulb-saver option, provides pond owners with optimum water conditions and crystal clear pond water. The unique sponge-free design minimizes maintenance and maximizes efficient mechanical and biological filtration. 

Simple-to-use cleaning feature allows for the unit to be backwashed in less than five minutes without opening the canister or getting hands dirty.

  • Provides optimal filtration for ponds up to 3,500 gallons
  • Efficiently traps dirt and debris and eliminates green waterIncludes Aquascape UltraKleanTM Bio-Media and T5 high-output ultraviolet clarifier/sterilizer
  • Easily integrated into new or existing ponds

Fittings Included:

  • Multi Hose Adapter ( 3 x 1", 1.25", 1.50")
  • 1 x Backwash Cap

#95053 - UltraKlean 2000

#95054 - UltraKlean3500 

PondMeister Tip!  For ponds larger than 3,500 gallons, or ponds containing large fish loads, we recommend using a larger unit or multiple units. Multiple UltraKlean units can be easily plumbed in line with one pump using an Aquascape Two-Way Control Valve (sold separately).


Do I have to take my Pressure Filter in for the winter here in Pennsylvania?

Aquascape Tech Answer:

Yes, the pressure filter will need to be removed in the winter & stored in a frost-free location.


I am in Oklahoma. Can I leave the unit in all winter long?

Aquascape Products Answer:

That is pretty much a common CYA comment we use with a lot of our products. I highly doubt people do that in the winter and I don’t recall hearing anything about a broken or cracked canister. Ground temperature is warmer than the outside temps, I would think as long as it is drained he should be fine.


How often should I back flush? How does the light know when to come on?

Aquascape Tech Answer:

The light comes on every 2 weeks to remind the customer. It is a digital timer that indicates the backflush frequency.


How much water pressure is lost after the water goes through the filter? 30%

Aquascape Tech Answer:

As far as water flow loss through the filter you are correct approximately 20-30% for most pumps and up to 40% if trying to push pumps that are maxing out the capabilities of the filter (ex AquaForce 5200). This is why we suggest using a Y-valve when using larger pumps. The valve can be adjusted to send a portion of the water through the filter and the other portion through a secondary pipe. This reduces the pressure on the system and allows the pump to push more water. The largest UltraKlean 3500 Filtration Kit automatically includes a Y-valve with it for this purpose.


My Lid Clamps do not seem to be holding.


The initial Lid Clamps were not strong enough. Please contact us about repalcing them with Part#95102 which are stronger and thicker and will solve the problem.


My UltraKlean came with two sets of Hose Tails. Why?


Yes, the unit is supposed to come with two sets of hose tails to fit other manufacturers pipe, we cannot assume that everyone will be using our pipe


"Hi my mommy uv filter that I got from u last year it keeps kicking off I have to unplug it and plug it back up to make it come back on any suggestions I think the sun is getting it to hot maybe?"

“No the blue light on filter is not on, look at this morning and back on does it cut off when it get hot and then come back on when it cools off?”

Aquascape Products Dept Answer:

Yes, the unit does have an internal thermal switch that will shut the unit down once it reaches a certain temperature and will turn back on when it cools back down. This is a requirement in order for the unit to be UL listed


Can more UltraKlean BioBalls #95055 be added?


Additional BioBalls can be added, up to 60% of the canister.


I cannot tell if my UltraKlean UV light is on or not. How can I tell?


When designing the indicator light we decided to use the actual light from the UV bulb to provide a true indication of whether or not the bulb is functioning properly. The indicator viewing window was designed to be very dim as direct contact to UV light is quite dangerous to eye sight per Aquascape Customer Service Manager - August 28, 2014  Also:

The best way to check is at night time when its dark outside. What is labeled an “indicator light” is not really a light, it’s a port that shows the reflection of the bulbs glow and unfortunately is difficult to see on a sunny day.


What is this part used for?

Aquascape Answer:

It is for the back flush/cleaning function of the filter.  


Now that the UltraKlean 3500 has improved Clips combined with the fact that this customer is not planning on using the UV light and already has an AquaForce 5200, will he be able to run the full 5200 gph through the UltraKlean 3500 or should he still use the Y-Connector? (He has a 3000 gallon pond)


Per Products, the new clips can easily handle the 5200 pump without the Y-connector. The reason for the 2-way flow control valve is to allow the customer to divert a portion of the water having less flow through the filter allowing for more contact time with the UV bulb and bioballs. Please see below:



Do I have to turn off the pump before turning the Backflush knob to Backflush?

Aquascape Tech Answer:

Yes - it would best to turn the pump off.


Why are there two different sets of Hose Tails that look almost the same but are slightly different?


Some people have “1.5” Kink-free tubing. Unfortunately Kink-free tubing is actually metric and does not fit most 1.5” Barb fittings which are Imperial (US). Black Flexible pvc is Imperial. Aquascape is one of the few to give you two entirely different sets of hose tails – one imperial and one metric – very cool of them to do that

Aquascape is one of the few to give you two entirely different sets of hose tails – one imperial and one metric – very cool of them to do that


We installed the two UltraKlean filters. We want to connect a permanent backwash hose to the backwash port but when we remove the cap we cannot get it to stop dripping even though we do not have it on backwash. Are we not understanding something here?

Also, we need to convert the flex hose to PVC pipe after it comes out of the filter. We purchased some extra hose and barbed fittings from Richard at Pond Outlet to do so. However, the fittings are different from yours (the ones that came with the filter) and we are having trouble securing the hoses over the (the pond outlet’s) barbed fittings and also to keep them from leaking, but do not have a problem with your fittings. Do you sell barbed fittings; or, is there a way to remove and replace the barbed fittings that are coming out of the filter with some type of threaded fitting to eliminate the barbed fittings altogether?

Aquascape Tech Answer:

Yes the fitting will continue to drip without the backwash cap on. You can use an inline ball valve that customer will have to turn to open as well as turning valve on canister.

Please see the attached pictures for the fitting that you need. Two of the 88027 38mm FPT to 1.5” MPT should have come with the other fittings in the box. It is possible that the plumber did not realize that he could attach a female PVC X slip to it if hard piping is preferred.

You will need a third 88027 if you want to hard pipe the discharge on backwash line vs using kinkfree. I would also recommend three 88018 pieces if you have the time to wait for them. It is a 1.5”x1.5” female x female coupler with collars. This will allow easy disconnecting from the hard pipe and the canister. Otherwise once it is glued you will have to cut it off to disconnect. You would then use a 1.5” MALE X slip fitting for PVC.

Make sure you use the gaskets that come with these parts.

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

View PDF Info Sheet

Please watch the UltraKlean discussion at the 20:20 mark

Troubleshooting the UV Light in the UltraKlean Pressure Filter


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