UV Clarifier Retrofit for Savio Compact SkimmerFilter

UV Clarifier Retrofit | Aqua UV

UV Clarifier Retrofit
for Savio Compact SkimmerFilter

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Starts at: $220.50

Brand: Savio


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Used as a clarifier the Skimmer UV will control green water in a freshwater environments that have 50% to 75% plant coverage and partial shade. Contains all necessary components for converting "old style" and "new style" Savio UV baffles. Contains Quartz Sleeve, Bulb, and in-line Transformer.

  • When the pond skimmer lid is lifted, the clear transformer cap glow tells you the UV lamp is on
  • Highest quality quartz for optimum UV transmission
  • The longest UV lamp life on the market, 14 months
  • Easy maintenance, one end 4 pin lamp connection

Three models to choose from:

AUVSAV15 (A00357) 15 Watt UV Retrofit Clarifier

  • For ponds up to 2000 gallons

AUVSAV25  (A00333)  25 Watt UV Clarifier Retrofit 

  • For ponds up to 4000 gallons

AUVSAV57 (A00332) 75 Watt UV Clarifier Retrofit

  • For ponds up to 6500 gallons


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