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Water Fill Box by EasyPro Pond Products

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Starts at: $80.99

Brand: EasyPro


Finding a good way to mount a water fill valve in a pond without a skimmer can be difficult.

Space can be a concern even inside a skimmer or in Just-A-Falls waterfall systems - not anymore!

The EasyPro Water Fill Box provides an ideal housing in which to install an auto fill.

The box sits inside the liner and holds fill valves up to 13" long.

A 1" overflow is also included for ponds or formal pools needing exact water heights.

Box measures 15" long x 8" wide (at top) x 8" tall.

Auto fill valve not included.

Instructions for Installation:

The water fill box is a convenient location to mount your autofill valve. Installing an autofill inside a skimmer or in a pondless waterfall vault can be difficult depending on the size of pump being used and the size of the autofill valve. The water fill box lets you mount your autofill anywhere around the perimeter of the pond or pondless reservoir.

The water fill box comes with a pre-installed 1/2" bulkhead fitting in the end that the autofill mounts to. Use Teflon tape on all threads.

Use the grey male adapter on the outside of the fill box. Wrap the threads in Teflon tape and tighten into the bulkhead fitting on the outside. Connect the 1/2" irrigation line to the fitting and clamp.

By creating a small flat shelf at the most convenient place around the perimeter of your pond, you can easily conceal the fill box (see illustration).

When using in a pondless setup, install the water fill box at approximately the same height as the top of the pump. This way if the water level drops, the autofill will add water and protect the pump.

The top of the three cutouts on the front of the water fill box is the recommended water level. The autofill itself can be adjusted to fine tune the water level.

The 1" bulkhead in the back wall of the water fill box is an optional overflow. If a highwater overflow is needed in your feature you can connect a drain line to this bulkhead to drain off excess water. If another drain is already present (i.e. in skimmer, etc.) then this bulkhead can be ignored.

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

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