Waterfall and Rock Surface Cleaner

Waterfall and Rock Surface Cleaner | Water Conditioners

Waterfall and Rock Surface Cleaner

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Brand: Iku Koi Kichi

SKU: KK71014

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Waterfall and Rock Surface Cleaner works to quickly and effectively remove waste and debris on all damp or wet surfaces, leaving rocks and surfaces looking brand-new.

32 oz treats 640 sq ft.

Directions: Turn off pumps when treating streams or waterfalls. Use 1 ounce/28 g of waterfall and rock surface cleaner for every 10 square feet/.25 square meters of surface area to be treated. Sprinkle a thin layer directly onto stream, waterfall, rocks, or any other problem areas of the pond. Allow product to set for 30 minutes before turning pump back on. Ensure pond is equipped with a mechanical skimming device or remove excess debris with a fine net the day after treatment.


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