Little Giant PF-AD-PW Dual Filter Kit

Little Giant PF-AD-PW Dual Filter Kit | Pre-Filters

Little Giant PF-AD-PW Dual Filter Kit

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Brand: Cal Pump


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Part #: FRA234


Small Pump Pre-Filter

Item Number: 566107 (FRA223)

Model Number: PF-AD-PW

Mechanical filters are designed to help remove suspended sediment and solids from the water. Little Giant® mechanical filters help remove debris from the water before it enters the pump. This helps to extend the life of the pump and keep the fountain head or water feature from clogging.


  • Filters water by keeping debris from entering the pump and fountain nozzle
  • Includes two debris filters with easy-to-connect adapter
  • Designed for non-potable submersible use
  • Easy to clean filter pads
  • Fits Little Giant pump: 566608, 566611, 566612 (We only carry the 566611
Width 0.75"

Length 2.73"

Head - 4.63" 

Flow-11.68 GPH

Fits onto the inlet of: PE-1 F-WG, PE-2F-WG, PE-2.5F-WG


Dual unit includes a manifold adapter with cap and two PF-WG filters. (PF-AD)


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