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WellSpring Pumps by PerformancePro

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Brand: PerformancePro Pumps

SKU: WS1/4-33

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Part #: FS-22


Submersible pump line designed for easy in-pond, skimmer or sump installation. The high quality components and durable construction ensure efficient operation and long term reliability. 

FS-22 Float switch is available for automatic start/stops.

FS-22 tubular float switch is more reliable and has a lower cost than the older paddle style design. The older type was tethered and would rise and fall with the water level. The paddle style has had problems hanging up on skimmers or other objectsdue to the sweep of the tether. If the tether was too short a user ran the risk of the float switch not starting and stopping properly.

The newer design is a float switch mounted to the top of the pump which has a vertical tube extending over the side of the pump. The float is contained within the tube. The float is easily accessible through a removable cap at the bottom. The cap has an inlet screen that allows water flow. In extreme algae conditions, the intake port may need to be wiped off from time to time. The tube protects the rise and fall of the float so it cannot hang up. 

These should be ordered preinstalled on your WellSpring submersible pump. The base width and length of all WellSpring models is 9.5” L x 7” W. The new float switch adds 2.5” to the width. With the float switch installed the dimensions are 9.5” L x 9.5” W.

Models with Float Switch are indicated with the suffix FS in the model list. 

  •  The impeller’s semi-open design aids to prevent clogging. Water proof cable and seals protect the pump motor.
  • Overload protection helps prevent motor burn out.
  • The integrated spring loaded mechanical seal meets API regulations and has a life expectancy of over 100,000 hours.
  • 20 ft. long (16 AWG) cord with a 115 volt plug included. 
  • 2 year limited warranty (for fresh water applications). 

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

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