AquaGarden Plant Light

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AquaGarden Plant Light

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Starts at: $79.98

Brand: Aquascape

SKU: 78332

The sleek design of the light and stand complements the mini pond and blends well into any indoor or outdoor setting. 

This outdoor-rated overhead plant grow light is specially designed to illuminate the AquaGarden from above while providing the specific light waves needed to grow plants indoors. 

Since the AquaGarden is great for indoor enjoyment, it is important to provide indoor plants with ample light for proper development. The plants growing in the upper filter or in the pond bottom will flourish indoors when the AquaGarden Plant Light is added.

The light uses extremely efficient LEDs and allows for quick and easy connection to the filter in seconds. 

Each light is made from durable metal and poly components. The light fixture measures 3.75 in diameter and the light stand elevates the light 15.5 from the top edge of the container. A low-voltage transformer is included for quick and easy setup.

Fixture dimensions: 3.75 dia x 2.8H
Stand dimensions: 8W x 18.5H

  • Designed to illuminate the AquaGarden and grow plants indoors
  • Provides the light waves needed for plants to flourish
  • Connects to the AquaGarden in seconds
  • Great for use indoors or outdoors (outdoor rated)
  • Blends easily into any outdoor setting
  • Fixture dimensions: 3.75 dia x 2.8H
  • Stand dimensions: 8W x 18.5H

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

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