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Aquascape Pro Pumps are the popular choice of pond builders and contractors. 

Aquascape horizontal pond pumps, from the AquascapePRO line, are energy efficient and low maintenance.

Aquascape has engineered the essence of the pond ecosystem. The pump circulates the water from the skimmer putting it through the filter mats and sending it over to the bottom of BIOFALLS where it passes up through another set of filter mats and media.

Choose the Aquascape Pro Pump model that fits your pond. Use the drop down menu at the top of the page:

20002 - SFA 3000 (3000 gph )

20003 - SFA 4500 (4500 gpg) 

20004 - SFA 7500  (7500 gph) 

20006 - SFA 10000  (10,000 gph)

Quality Control

Aquascape stopped shipping the Aquascape Pro pumps in the summer of 2008 to retool the seals on the pumps that had caused some of the pumps to fail prematurely. Since the new seals have been installed and the pumps released in the fall of 2008, virtually no problems have been reported with seal failures and they are again considered one of the elite pond pumps in the world. 

Quiet and efficient, these pumps have stainless steel construction, along with rubber feet to reduce vibration. With high head heights and high flow rates, the AquascapePRO line (also known as SFA), excels in the water garden. A vortex impeller for solid handling proves useful in pond applications

Aquascape Pro 1500 - Sold OUT - Discontinued

The Aquascape Pro 1500 is being discontinued by Aquascape in 2009 in order to eliminate redundancy in their product line (AquaSurge 2000 -98125 or Aquasurge 3000 - 99546 are the replacements (you will need Aquasurge Conversion Kit 29705 ($13.99) to replace the plumbing connections with the AquaSurge)

Aquascape Pro 3000 Dimensions: 11.91" Wide x 6.93 Tall x 6" Diameter 

Aquascape Pro 4500 and 7500 Dimensions: 12.83" Wide x 7.13 Tall x 6.33" Diameter 

Flame resistant thermoplastic polymer motor end cap 
Glass filled thermoplastic polymer wet end 
High efficiency air cooled motor 
Double mechanical seal with outboard silicon carbide faces 
Corrosion resistant stainless steel motor end bells, motor housing and hardware 

Two Year Manufacturer's Warranty!

Pump Performance:







Max Head Height










2" Female








2" Female








2" Female











2" Female













3" Female









● Type of Pump: Direct Drive, double seals 

● Application: High end residential and commercial features. Low to high head applications. 
● Electrical Efficiency: Fairly efficient 
● Maintenance: Solids handling up to 1". Best used with a prefilter such as a skimmer.. 
●Warranty: 2 year warranty 
● Cord Length: 15' (20' on 10,000) 
● Discharge: 2" (3" on 10,000)

Question:I have a 2-3 year old SFA10000. What kind of oil does it need? 

Aquascape Tech Answer: This pump takes 12oz of a Mobil DTE Light non-additive non-detergent turbine oil. However, if it has not lost any then you shouldn't need to add or change it (that is one school of thought). Or the other thought is; changing the oil is a good maintenance practice if done by a shop that can pump in the oil and remove the air. If he is going to change it, this method is ideal because it is not like changing the oil in your car.  

The  Aquascape Pro Pumps takes 5 oz of the Mobile DTE Light Oil. The port is located on the side of the pump under the discharge. It is a hex-head screw that will be removed to add the oil. 


View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

View PDF Info Sheet

Note: You will need to order the AquaSurge Conversion Kit #29705 when converting Your Aquascape Pro (SFA) Pump 1500, 3000 or 4500 to AquaSurge
Use the AquaSurge Conversion Kit (Part#29705) to connect the 1.5" Female Threaded Outlet to either 2" or 1 1/2" Check Valve Assemblies. TheKit contains the parts necessary to convert any AquaScape Pro pump to the AquaSurge Pump using your existing Check Valve Assembly and Aquascape Skimmer.
The kit includes two parts - one you will use and the other you will not need: 1 1/2" Male Thread x 2" Slip adapter for Classic Series Skimmers and Check Valves. Cut through the2"  pipe and cut off the 2" Male adapter between the Check Valve and the pump. Screw the 1.5" x 1.5" Female Adapter that comes with the pump on to the 1.5" Male Thread Outlet on the pump. Glue the 2" Slip x 1.5" Male Thread (#99144) that comes in the Conversion Kit (#29705) on to the end of the pipe you just sawed off and screw the 1.5" Male Thread onto the 1.5" Female thread.

- OR - 2" Aquascape Check Valve Adapter for Signature Series Skimmers and Check Valves. Remove the Flanged part below the Check Valve with the 2" male Thread that screws into the pump and discard. Use part #29475 which comes in the Conversion Kit #29705. Insert the Flanged end into the bottom of the Check Valve Assembly and screw the other end - 1.5" Female onto the 1.5" Male stem of the pump.


Image 0.0 stars out of 5
Aquascape pro 300o pump
This is my second pump in 6 years. The second pump lasted 2 years and 1 month. It broke one month out of warranty. I called the company but was told too bad. At almost $500 a piece you would think they would last a little longer.
Reviewed Sun, Aug 04 2013 6:42 am by
Image 0.0 stars out of 5
Aquascape Pro Pumps
I've owned two over the last four years. Both failed and were not repairable. Water was the culprit in both failures, but aren't they supposed to be submersible? I cannot afford $400-500 every other year to push water through a filter to a waterfall. I'm not sure what is "Pro" about these pumps.
Reviewed Mon, Oct 07 2013 3:54 pm by
Image 2.0 stars out of 5
Pump 4500
Will last you 3 years max. No more. My second pump just broke after less than 3 years.
Reviewed Mon, Oct 28 2013 2:33 pm by
Image 0.0 stars out of 5
Aqua scape Pump

I have been very happy with my pump. It was installed the summer of 2005 and has run continuously since with one intentional shutdown a year for pond cleaning. Now, unfortunately it is kicking off theGFI.

Reviewed Sun, Jan 18 2015 1:49 pm by
Image 4.0 stars out of 5
Aquascape 3000

My aquascape pump that I installed over seven years ago just went out. Performance was excellent and even had two jams (frogs). Will be purchasing a replacement.

Reviewed Sun, Mar 29 2015 10:52 am by
Image 5.0 stars out of 5

My aquascape

My aquascape SFA4500 just failed, it was installed in May of 2005. It was on a timer and ran from 6:30 AM to 11:30 PM every day from May until Dec. Its in Connecticut so of course its removed for the winter.I am planning to replace it with the same model,hope I get another 10 years.

Reviewed Fri, Aug 07 2015 9:20 am by
Complete pond pump and filter systems from Aquascape. SFA 1500, 3000, 4500, 7500. Energy efficient and low maintenance horizontal pumps.

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