AquaGlow Floating Light Garden - 3 Pack

AquaGlow Floating Light Garden - 3 Pack | Discontinued Products

AquaGlow Floating Light Garden - 3 Pack

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Indoor or Outdoor Use. Displays four light programs red, blue, green, or cycle through all! Auto shut-off after one hour. Runs on two 3V batteries (included). Each flower measures approximately 3.5”diameter x 1 .5”tall. Flower style and color vary.

The AquaGlow Floating Light Garden adds both illumination and charm to any setting. Bright, colorful LEDS create four (4) different light effects (red, green, blue or fades from one color to the next). This lighting accessory is available in a wide variety of styles and colors. Float them in the pool, spa, bathtub or set on a table to add warm, glowing colors indoors or out.


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