AquaGlow Rainbow Fountain

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AquaGlow Rainbow Fountain

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Powered by Water!!

Watch as it shoots streams of continually changing color-lit water.
Easy to operate.
Tuscan inspired base lends European sophistication and drama.

Measures: 11"L x 5"W x 5"H.

No batteries required ... use garden hose or pool return line for power.

Enjoy the magic of shooting streams of continually changing color-lit water with the AquaGlow Rainbow Fountain.
Powered entirely by water, this innovative lighting accessory adds a mesmerizing touch to your pool, pond or spa without the need for batteries or electrical power.

Just plug it into a garden hose or pool pump return and let the show begin.

Lights continually fade from blue to green, green to red and red to blue for a beautiful display of lighting effects.


The Rainbow Fountain shoots continually changing color-lit water.

This innovative product runs off water pressure - a garden hose or the pool return line provides all necessary power.
Very easy to operate; no batteries or electrical power required

Tuscan-inspired base lends European sophistication and drama.

For in-ground or above-ground pools.


GAME Introduces AquaGlow Rainbow Fountain

GAME brings enchanting elegance to the backyard with the introduction of the AquaGlow Rainbow Fountain, combining water movement and lighting effects that transform any pool, spa or pond into a magical oasis.

This exciting water and light show shoots streams of color-lit water, brightening up the night with a fabulous display. LED lighting effects provide a beautiful show with a variety of changing patterns, all controlled by an internal micro-controller. Operating is simple, no batteries or electrical power are required.

This innnovative product runs off water pressure from a garden hose or the pool return line which provides all necessary power. Installation is easy, just place the product on a steady surface, attach, and let the show begin!

"Nightscaping is a huge trend and consumers are spending more money on backyard lighting than ever before," says Eric Schechter, president of GAME. "They are looking for exciting and innovative ways to create that special feeling that only lighting can provide." Adds Mitch Smith, national sales manager, GAME, "Consumers can purchase this product at a very competitive price point, take it home and install it immediately. It gives them a unique and immediate backyard transformation."

The finest details were considered in the design of the product including the fountain housing, which has a Tuscan inspired appearance, sure to fit into any backyard environment.

The AquaGlow Rainbow Fountain measures 11.5in x 5.5in x 5.5in, and is packaged in a colorful point-of-sale box, and ships UPS.


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