AquaJet Pump and Water Fountain Kit from AquaScape Discontinued Dec, 2012

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AquaJet Pump and Water Fountain Kit from AquaScape
Discontinued Dec, 2012

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This item has been discontinued or is no longer in stock.

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The complete solution for small to medium-sized ponds or ponds up to 1500 gallons


This all-in-one kit provides a stunning water fountain with the choice of two included fountain heads.

The integrated diverter valve supplies water to a small waterfall or ornament.

AquaJet Pump
* Simple to use - Setup takes only a few minutes
* Minimal maintenance - Only one moving part
* Completely submersible

AquaJet comes complete with the following:
* Protective strainer housing with large surface area thereby reducing maintenance
* Diverter valve including flow control
* Stabilization feet - No need to use inconvenient anchor screws
* Extendable riser tubes -
* Two fountain heads

15' Cord


Additional size info:

Height of the base for all pumps is 5.25", length is 8.5", and width is 10.22.


With attached divert valve(no fountain head) the 600 is 6.57" the 1000-1500 is 9.01". 600 height fully extended is 17.80" with maxi daisy fountain head, with waterbell it is 21.05".


Not extended with daisy it is 14.57" with waterbell it is 17.82".


1000-1500 fully extended is 29.08", not extended it is 23.5".


AquaJet Pumps are available in three sizes:

600 gph AquaJet Pump - 99738
Waterbell Diameter - 2'
Double Daisy Height - 3'
Double Daisy Diameter - 3'

45 watts

1000 gph AquaJet Pump - 99739
Waterbell Diameter - 3.5
Double Daisy Height - 5'
Double Daisy Diameter - 4'

90 watts

1500 gph AquaJet Pump - 99740
Waterbell Diameter - 4.5'
Double Daisy Height - 6.5'
Double Daisy Diameter - 5'

150 Watts

Click on PDF file below for instructions:


View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

View PDF Info Sheet


All-in-one fountain pump kit contains everything needed to create an easy to install, low maintenance fountain display. Find all your pond supplies at

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