Aquascape Replacement 2" Check Valve - Elbow Only Abruptly discontinued by Aquascape 2018

Aquascape Replacement 2

Aquascape Replacement 2" Check Valve - Elbow Only
Abruptly discontinued by Aquascape 2018

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July, 2018: We have just been informed that Aquascape has discontinued and is completely out-of-stock forever for these Elbows. Aquascape's Dual Union Check Valve 2.0 #48026 introduced in 2017 seamlessly replaces the original Aquascape Check Valves in the Signature Series Skimmers (the ones with the big black plastic half-moon shaped debris baskets) by simply removing all the plumbing parts from the old Check Valve and using all the parts that come with the new Check Valve.

As for the Classic Series Skimmers (Skimmers with the debris net with 2 metal rods - one straight rod that goes across the back and a U-Shaped rod that snaps around the opening) and the Pondless Waterfalls, Aquascape has been unable to provide us with any instructions or videos for replacing these elbows without major plumbing changes. Until they can provide us with that information, please call Aquascape Customer Service at 866-877-6637 for their guidance. (In the short run, you may want to just remove the Check Valve altogether or cut out the flapper from the failed Check Valve using a hacksaw blade wrapped in a towel and a pair of needle-nosed pliers)

This is the "Check Valve Only" part of any of the 2" Check Valves from Aquascape. Aquascape customizes their Check Valves to match up the pump to the Skimmer or Vault it is in. However all of the 2" Check Valves use the same elbow which contains the Check Valve itself.

No longer any need to buy the WHOLE Check Valve Assembly if your Check Valve has failed.

If your check valve is no longer holding the water up in the BioFalls and it is leaking down into the skimmer when you shut off your pump, then your Check Valve has begun to fail.

If left alone, the little flapper which is loosely attached will eventually break off and swirl around inside the Check Valve eventually blocking the flow going up to your waterfalls.

At first it will slow down the falls and if left long enough, the little flapper will wedge itself in the throat and completely shut off the waterfall. It could also burn up your pump as the water is pumping with no where to go and will cause the pump to overheat and shut itself off..sometimes permanently.

Instead of replacing the entire assembly, now you can order just this part#29703 and replace the just the failed part.

The Flapper should be loosely attached like this below. If the flapper is flopping around unattached, replace immediately or you risk the flapper getting lodged in the throat and shutting down your pump.

In the short run, you can manually remove the flapper using needle-nosed pliars and a hacksaw blade help in your hand with a towel or usie a small channel lock pliers and a jigsaw with a long blade.

Flapper should be loosely attached like this


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