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BioTec 10
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General Product Information

Cloudy, dirty water and strong algae growth are common problems in ponds. These problems are caused by floating particles due to an excessive supply of nutrients, dead plants, over-fertilized soil, acid rain, fish excrement and left-over food. These particles produce ammonia which is harmful to all living beings. OASE's unique Biotec Filter System transforms ammonia into nitrite using a natural process. The nitrite is then changed into harmless nitrate. Nitrate actually constitutes a healthy nutrient conducive to plant growth. The mechanical filtration process is carried out by various structured foam filters, the biological process through naturally occuring bacteria that settle on bio-elements.

Product Features
Easy handling and cleaning
Cleaning indicator automatically shows the degree of pollution and when the filtered biomass must be removed
Filter is cleaned by simply removing the inner dirt tank, rinsing it with clear water, and reinserting it again
Temperature indicator and the Biotec Plus Zone, used for receiving efficient additives, are additional unparallelled characteristics of this unique filter system
Made in Germany
3-year manufacturer's limited warranty (warranty does not cover foam pads)

Mechanical / Biological multi-chamber flow-through design

Can be used in conjunction with Bitron UV

Designed to be used outside pond for easy maintenance

OASE Biotec Outlet Tubing Recommended

Three year warranty


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