Blue Damsel Preformed Pond in a Box

Blue Damsel Preformed Pond in a Box | Preformed Ponds

Blue Damsel Preformed Pond in a Box

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Beautifully shaped pond, right out of the box!

The Blue Damsel as a very natural design for a preformed pond loner.

How Flex Garden Ponds Work: 

Flex Garden Ponds come to you in a convenient box "rolled up". When the Pond is unrolled, the material is easily snapped into place and you have a Pond ready for installation. Simply lay the template on the ground in the location of choice, dig, install, and fill with water! 

Pond Size: 89" L x 54" W x 21" Deep

Capacity: 163 gallons

Royal Coachman Pond
Installation Instructions
Installation Template

The Blue Damsel Flex Pond holds 163 gallons of water and this large footprint triangular shaped pond measures approximately 8' x 5' perfect for corner installations. 

The super large shelf area makes the water capacity misleading compared to the overall pond dimensions. 

Don't let the size of the pond fool you because it also ships in a 24"x 15"x 14" UPS shippable box. FlexPonds are the next generation pre-formed lawn ponds providing the time proven desirable designs. 

The Blue Damsel has a depth of 21" which is more than adequate for fish if desired.

* Price includes ground shipping to your home (lower 48 US states only)

Decorative Ponds - Blue Damsel Flex Pond #details


Large, natural shape pond holds 163 gallons

  • Flex Pond design ships in small box, opens to pre-formed shape
  • One large shelf and one small shelf for plants
  • Plenty of room for fountain and pump
  • Capacity: 163 gallons
  • Dimensions: 89" w x 54" d x 21" h
  • Includes dig template and installation instructions


Dimensions89"x54"x21"Weight20 lbs 


  • Made of high quality HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
  • Pond Size: 89" x 54" x 21" Deep 
  • Weight 15.00
  • Capacity: 163 Gallon
  • Shgipping Box: 24x14x15 & 15lbs

Customer Question:

Regarding the Blue Damsel preformed pond--is that suitable for placing in the ground and housing turtles and kois? How thick is the plastic, and does the plastic give off any chemicals that mix with the water chemistry? What is the warranty? Can you put a bottom drain? How long does it take to arrive in San Diego, CA? 

Manufacturer Answer:

The Blue Damsel FlexPond must be installed in the ground in order to maintain it's shape. It's made of a custom blend polyethylene material / plastic and it is fish and plant safe. The only concern is the water that's put in the pond and it should sit a few days after filling before fish are put in the pond to allow any chemicals in the water to dissipate. Warranty is 1 year covering defects in material & workmanship. A bottom drain is not recommended. It would ship either UPS or Fedex & would take approximately (5) days to San Diego. Thickness is 90 mils.


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