ClearGuard Backwash Air Kits

ClearGuard Backwash Air Kits | Clearguard Pressurized Filters

ClearGuard Backwash Air Kits

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Starts at: $217.86

SKU: SUP15660

This Backwash Air achieves the ultimate backwashing performance for your filter. Simply connect the Air Kit to the bottom of your Clearguard Pressurized Pond Filter and the Backwash Air Kit will quickly loosen pond waste in the filter by agitating the biological media.

Each Kit Includes:

  • Pondmaster Air Pump
  • 10 feet Vinyl Tubing
  • Clamps & Appropriate Fittings
  • 1/2"npt x barb elbow,
  • Inline Ball Valve

SUP15660 - Clearguard Small Backwash Air Kit AP-40 Air Pump

SUP15670 - Clearguard Large Backwash Air Kit AP-60 Air Pump

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