Complete Pond Palace Kit

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Complete Pond Palace Kit

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Protects fish from most predators, heat, and sunlight - while providing winter protection. Built-in plant or decorative rock holders. Bubbles help prevent winter ice build-up and make it difficult for predators to see fish from water surface. Spawning mats to entice spawning. Aeration for water clarity. 16 long x 12.5 high and 29 wide. Extra 8 sections can be added to meet any pond application. (Air pumps sold separately)

Choose from the following:

Complete Pond Palace Kit (HAF16) - Includes Pond Palace, aeration hose, tee, and heavy-duty air hose

Cave Unit 8 (add-on unit with grass) (HAF08)

Grass Section (HAFG1)

Push Pins 10pk (HAFPP) - Discontinued and Out of stock

Tee (HAFT1)


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