ECO Class Submersible Waterfall Pumps

ECO Class Submersible Waterfall Pumps | Waterfall Pumps

ECO Class Submersible Waterfall Pumps

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Starts at: $309.00

Brand: Advantage

SKU: SSE3000

Advantage ECO Class Waterfall Pumps delivery exceptional flow rates at low energy usage. These durable submersible pond pumps offer years of reliable use, worry-free use.

High quality, double lipped silicone carbide seals keep water out. Stainless steel shaft & housing with fiberglass reinforcement resists abrasion and corrosion.  Thermal overload sensor and automatic shut-off prevents Epic Pumps from overheating and burning out. A vortex impeller easily handles solids up to 1.25".  Patented removable guard keeps fish and frogs safe.

  • Tough-torque vortex impeller passes solids to 1 1/4"
  • Rotor, shaft, seals engineered for 24/7 continuous duty
  • Overload sensor shut-off keeps pump from burn-out and overheating
  • Stainless steel and fiberglass reinforced construction
  • Removable fish and frog guard protects pond inhabitants from harm fish
  • Wildlife and environmentally safe, contains no oil 


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