Economy Linear Aeration Kit

Economy Linear Aeration Kit | Aeration Pumps

Economy Linear Aeration Kit

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Brand: EasyPro


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Economy Linear Koi Pond Aeration Kits
•Multiple diffusers for larger Koi ponds
•Diaphragm linear aeration kits include weather resistant compressors allowing use outdoors
•Powered by quiet, continuous duty compressors, these small aerators do a great job of aerating all year long
•Can be used in ponds up to 6' deep!
•Kit includes EPW6 compressor, 50' Quick Sink tubing, valved air splitter, and air diffusers
•Two year warranty on compressor, 5 year warranty on tubing and diffuser

 Koi and Ornamental Pond Aeration Kit Components:

Kit Compressor

Part # Compressor Tubing Diffusers Repair Kits

LA5N EPW2 15' Quick Sink 6" Rubber (RAD6) EPW2RKN

LA10N EPW4 15' Quick Sink 8" Rubber (RAD8) EPW4RK

LA15N EPW6 50' Quick Sink Two 12" Rubber (RAD1250) EPW6RK

LA20N EPW10 100' Quick Sink (2 rolls 50') Four 12" Rubber (RAD1250) EPW10RK

LA5W ML28 15' Quick Sink 6" Rubber (RAD6) ML28RK

LA10W ML45 15' Quick Sink 12" Rubber (RAD12) ML45RK

LA15W ML80 15' Quick Sink Two 12" Rubber (RAD1250) ML80RK


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