Fairytales Decor Set for 4 Gallon Aquariums

Fairytales Decor Set | Decor Sets

Fairytales Decor Set
for 4 Gallon Aquariums

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Starts at: $60.92

Brand: biOrb

SKU: OAB78134

  • The biOrb Fairy Tale Decor Set contains some of our favorite aquarium decorations to bring your biOrb to life
  • Décor made from high grade materials for safety and durability
  • Unique designs bring aquarium to life with vibrant and detailed décor
  • Items are safe for freshwater, tropical, and saltwater aquarium set ups
  • Enjoy significant savings when selecting the kit in comparison to buying items separately
  • Suitable for all 4 gallon / 15 liter biOrb aquariums
  • Compatible with freshwater, saltwater, and tropical aquarium set ups

Decor Set Includes:

biOrb Shells on Bark Sculpture x1
biOrb Flower Ball green x1
biOrb Aquatic Caulerpa green x1
biOrb Sea Fan small white x1
biOrb Marble Pebble Set white
biOrb Moss Pebble Set


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