First Flush In-Ground Water Diverter by Rain Harvesting Discontinued

First Flush In-Ground Water Diverter by Rain Harvesting | Discontinued Products

First Flush In-Ground Water Diverter by Rain Harvesting

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Prevents the first flush of rainwater, which may contain contaminants from the roof, from entering the tank.

Buried and out of sight, In-Ground Water Diverters are perfect for sloping allotments.

On a site that provides the opportunity for the end cap of the diverter to be positioned above ground (to drain out and be accessible for maintenance), an In-Ground Diverter allows a 'wet' system to be converted into a
'dry' system.

Most systems are 'wet' due to the size of buildings, and the placement of tanks away from the buildings mean that there are long runs of pipe underground leading to a riser at the tank.

On a sloping site this diverter ensures the diverted water and the water that would normally remain in the pipes empties out.

The result - a 'dry' system that improves water quality.

* Prevents sediment, bird droppings, spiders, insects, mosquito eggs and debris from entering the rainwater tank/cistern.
* Improves water quality, protects pumps and internal appliances.
* Ideal to use in conjunction with a rain head.
* Perfect for sloping allotments.
* No mechanical parts.
* Inlet fits 3" Schedule 40 pipe
* Easy installation - just add pipe and glue.
* Low maintenance.

Rainwater Harvesting saves water, money & helps the environment

Rainwater Harvesting (also called roofwater harvesting) involves the collection, storage and distribution of rainwater from the roof, for use inside and outside the home or business.

1. Start saving water now! Rainwater Harvesting reduces water usage in every household and is the most efficient water solution. Runoff from the roof to the tank is immediate and efficient, whereas runoff in vegetated dam catchments requires significant rainfall to impact on dam levels. You can take control and make a difference today!

2. Safe, sustainable water. Rainwater is naturally pure and fresh. It is not recycled water. Provided certain precautions are taken, research supports rainwater as a safe, sustainable source of water that can meet all of a household's requirements.

3. Significant cost savings for the community and each household. It makes common sense to catch rainwater that falls for free from the sky and utilize it in and around the home.

4. Protect local waterways and reduce stormwater infrastructure costs. By capturing and utilising rainwater where it falls, rainwater harvesting reduces both the volume and velocity of stormwater run off from our urban areas. This helps protect our waterways and reduces the need for expensive stormwater infrastructure.

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