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Pond Decor - Floating Duck House

Floating Duck House - Aqua Duck
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Heartwood has created a place for architecture and wildlife to coexist-introducing the all new Aquaduck.

This duck shelter provides a safe haven for domestic or migratory ducks, both for personal safety and for raising a family. Properly anchored in your pond or lake, it provides constant enjoyment as your ducks raise their young.

With this duck shelter surrounded by water, predation is virtually eliminated, providing your ducks safe haven and safety for eggs and the ducklings as they mature and learn to fly.

Floating on a pond or a lake, Aqua duck offers serene comfort guaranteed to last for years thanks to top-quality cypress construction.

Aqua duck comes with instructions for easy assembly plus home furnishings: a bag of wood shavings ideal for the start of a nest. 43” Tall - 30” Diameter - 42” Square Deck

Oversized Duck House Now Available - Sides are 1' Taller and the door opening is 1' Higher 

  • Opening: 6.5"W x 9"H
  • Dimensions: 30" diameter. x 43"H house, 42"L x 42"W platform
  • Mounting: Float in pond
  • Construction: Cypress, Metal, Closed Cell styrofoam
  • Availability: Estimated to ship directly from the manufacturer within 5 business days
  • Center partition can be removed during assembly providing a single space or left in to make the shelter a duplex.
  • Two duck ladders placed on the sides of Aquaduck allow access to the platform. 
  • The Aquaduck comes with a lapped wooden roof and is proudly hand crafted in the USA. 

Customer Reviews

"We bought our floating duck house a few weeks ago from your website. Momma duck moved in very quickly and has laid eggs every morning. Thank you. Bob "

"It went together so easy! They truly covered all the bases! "

"Now, I just need a kayak or something to get me out on the lake...pics soon, thanks for all! Ben T "

Twin nesting chambers! There are two 6" x 8" openings on both sides of the duck house. The center partition can be removed to provide a single space or left in to make the shelter a duplex with two nesting compartments.

Ready-to-assemble floating duck house is quality-constructed with durable materials to provide years of enjoyment. Floating platform is made of pressure-treated pine for a lasting foundation for the 100% cypress shelter. Platform measures 45" x 45" and the shelter measures 34" in diameter. The total height from waterline to the peak of the roof is 47". Includes stainless steel hardware.

All parts are clearly marked and all fasteners are included. Assembly should require 15 minutes with a cordless screwdriver or regular screwdriver. When fully assembled, the Floating Duck House weighs about 75 pounds.


  • There is one potential issue with the house – if I put and I centered on the front so it will float in the river, the rope will be right in front of the ducks entryway.If I don't center the eye it will float crooked And if I use two ropes I double my chances for logs and debris to get caught. Any thoughts?

The screw in eye hooks can be moved by the purchaser to any position they choose. They may have to experiment with rope(s) to see what works.

  • How do I anchor the Duck house?

The Aquaduck should be anchored using a 2 length of 3/8” nylon rope and an 2-8” concrete blocks. The length of rope will be determined by the depth of the water. Tie one end of the rope to the eye bolt in the platform and then to the block. Tie one end of another similar length of rope to the other eye bolt and the other end to another block. Make sure that the rope is long enough so that the blocks will rest on the bottom of the pond without pulling on the rope. If the rope is too short the weight of the block will cause the Aquaduck to be pulled too low in the water.

Position the Aquaduck in the desired location and lower the anchors into the water until they are on the bottom of the pond.

  • We are interested in purchasing one of your floating duck houses and have a waterfall pump that we would need to hang (suspend) from the float. The pump weighs about 75 lbs. Would the float support this extra weight?"

The platform is extremely buoyant, one could actually stand on it I’m sure. It should easily support the pump once provisions are made on bottom side to support the pump. Customer could easily add a couple of cross pieces to support pump.

  • Do I need to put any Thompson’s Water Sealer on the Duck House?

Not necessary, but it wont hurt if you do.

  • I am told that people attach the floating house to some sort of clothesline type pulley to pull the house to the shore to get the duck eggs. Have you ever heard this?

Seems most just put them out in the pond or lake and anchor them using concrete blocks and nylon rope on two points using the eyebolts already attached. Most of the time take just push it out in the water using a small boat. I’m sure there are lots of ways I don’t know about that are effective.

  • I was looking at your duck houses and wondering what you use as a flotation device? How much weight will it hold up ?

Aquaduck floats on closed cell Styrofoam..not open cell - and pressure treated pine platform and deck all fastened with screws to provide years of service. It will hold AT LEAST 500 pounds..probably twice that.

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

View PDF Info Sheet

Below is a picture sent to us from Odessa Texas from a customer who created "Fowl Island" with two over-sized houses and two normal sized houses!

Tracey painted hers!

"Fred and Ginger"

Ginger and her Brood!



Duck shelter provides a safe haven for domestic or migratory ducks.

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