Floating UV Filter with Pump and LED Lights Discontinued

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Floating UV Filter with Pump and LED Lights

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This item has been discontinued or is no longer in stock.

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FOUR in one Filtration System!

The Pond Boss Floating UV Filter is an innovative floating filtration system that has an amazing LED light set, 3 alternating fountain heads, and a UV clarifier that will keep your water in pristine condition.

Decorative floating water fountain is really an algae-busting UV clarifier! TotalPond® Pond Boss™ Floating UV Filter with Pump is the multitasking unit that takes charge of your water garden filtration, lighting, aeration AND algae control! In about five minutes, you can enjoy an ultraviolet clarifier that sets up without complicated plumbing or wiring. Simply place, anchor, and plug in. The Pond Boss's built-in 4.5 Watt UV clarifier begins destroying unsightly green pond water algae.

Clever design expedites algae control with added filtration PLUS beneficial water movement and aeration. Large sponge filter pad provides mechanical and biological filtration, 238 gph pump improves circulation by drawing pond water to the surface and fountainhead creates a delightful display that allows vital gas exchange. Four brilliant, built-in LED's (Light Emitting Diodes) illuminate the fountain for an enchanting nighttime display.

The TotalPond Pond Boss Floating UV Filter with Pump measures 10" x 10" x 11-1/2" high and is recommended for ponds and water gardens up to 750 gallons. Replacement Filter Sponge (Mfg# RF750) measures 5-1/2" diameter and 4" high.

This filter reduces micro-organisms and bacteria resulting in clean, clear water. This UV-filter will sterilize a pond up to 750 gallons, as long as there is no pre-existing algae issue. This pump is designed for fresh water use only. When not in use during the winter, store the pump indoors.


  • Clever UV Multi-Tasks to beautify ponds and water gardens
  • UV Clarifier combines pump, illuminated pond fountain and filtration.
  • Provides mechanical and biological  filtration
  • Filter pads included to clean debris
  • 5-Watt UV sterilizer built into floating filter
  • 220 GPH Pump
  • Fountain heads (Water bell, Spray, Trumpet) included to provide attractive spray and help aerate/oxygenate the pond water
  • LED lights to illuminate the spray
  • UL listed
  • Runs on a single cord


Max Flow Rate: 238 GPH

Max Head Height: 6.6 ft

Power Consumption: 28 Watts

Cord Length: 16 ft.

Additional Info


Tools Required for Assembly: Philips head screwdriver, string and rock.

Operation Instructions

  1. Connect the fountainhead to the Pond Boss.
  2. If desired, anchor the Pond Boss in the pond using a heavy object (such as a rock) and some string. Cut a length of string slightly longer than the depth of the pond. Tie one end of the string to the anchor and the other end to the ring at the bottom of the float.
  3. Place the Pond Boss into the water and connect to a proper power source.

Disassembly Procedure
In order to ensure optimal operation of the Pond Boss, the following procedures should be performed periodically. When the performance of the water flow through the fountainhead is reduced - it is an indication that cleaning of the unit is needed.

  1. Unplug the power cord, and then carefully remove the Pond Boss assembly from the pond.
  2. Turn the Pond Boss assembly upside down. Remove the locking screw.
  3. Remove the fountainhead and the top locking nut. Then remove the top cover.
  4. Twist the top section counterclockwise. Then pull the top section from the lower. Unscrew the wire connector that connects the top section to the rest of the unit.
  5. Lift the pump and filter assembly up from the fountain. NOTE: In order to extract the filter assembly from the flotation basket, the main power cord must be fed up through the bottom of the flotation basket.
  6. Remove the filter pad and rinse until it is clean. Then reassemble the pump and filter assembly.

Care & Maintenance


  • A visible drop in water flow or increased algae in the pond is your indication that filter pad, pump, and/or UV clarifier portion of the unit require cleaning.
  • Before attempting to disassemble the Pond Boss or clean the pump, UV clarifier or any portion of the unit, always disconnect the unit from the power source.
  • Disassemble the unit in accordance with the Disassembly Procedure section of this instruction sheet.

Cleaning the Pump

  • Ensure the pump is disconnected from all other components comprising the unit.
  • Inspect the pump by removing the front screen and impeller assembly and clean parts of the pump and clean in warm water.
  • Reassemble the pump and reposition and connect the low voltage power cables.

To maximize the performance of the UV clarifier portion of the unit, periodically disassemble the unit to clean dirt and debris from the exterior of the glass tube and reflector located in the lamp housing.

Important Note:
Be sure that the entire unit is completely dry and gaskets are properly seated when reassembling the UV clarifier. Failure to do so will result in water leakage, which can cause damage to the light unit.

  1. Disconnect the UV light from the outlet. Be sure to allow sufficient time for the light to cool before disassembling the light.
  2. Unscrew the locking ring, and pull out the light unit.
  3. Carefully pull out the glass tube holder by twisting and then pull out.
  4. Use warm water to clean the glass tube.
  5. Reassemble the UV clarifier, and be sure that all gaskets and O-rings are seated properly.


If the LED lights fail to operate:

  • Check to make sure the power cord is plugged in and the light is getting power and the unit is getting power.

If the UV Clarifier fails to operate:

  • Check bulb to make sure that it has not burned out. Replace the bulb as necessary or after every season.

If the pump fails to operate:

  • Check to make sure the power cord is plugged in, the pump is getting power and the pump is fully submerged.
  • Remove the inlet screen and/or pump cover, and impeller housing to expose the impeller. Turn the impeller to ensure that it is not broken or jammed.

If the performance of the pump is not satisfactory or the pump does not flow evenly:

  • Check to make sure the pump is completely submerged in water.
  • Check to make sure the impeller, filter pad and the housing are clean clear of debris.
  • Check the pump outlet and any tubing, fountains, spitters etc. for kinks or obstructions.
  • Adjust flow control.


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Looks amazing

Just purchased this product and it looks amazing, hope it works well too

Reviewed Mon, Jun 16 2014 9:08 pm by
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Not the product you want

Expensive and does not function as described. @ of the 4 lights stopped working. Came without filter material. Did not filter anything. Complete waste of money. Do not buy this filter.

Reviewed Wed, Apr 26 2017 9:59 pm by

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