Gold Fish and Koi Foods

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Gold Fish and Koi Foods

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SKU: LAG0062

This item has been discontinued or is no longer in stock.

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Resealable stand-up pouches to ensure that food stays fresher longer.

Formulated to pr ovide superior nutrition while reducing organic wastes.

Complete and balanced diet that contains multi-vitamins and stabilized vitamin C which improves disease resistance.

Floating foods are extremely palatable, do not cloud water, and do not contain corn or corn starches.

All Season foods can be fed when water temperature reaches 47 degress F.

Wheat Germ Pellets contain spirulina which helps ensure optimal liver and kidney function while supporting optimal growth rates, reducing obesity, increasing survival rates, and producing overall healthier-looking specimens.

Ingredients: white fish meal, wheat flour, wheat germ meal, Brewers yeast, soybean meal, spirulina meal, and alfalfa meal.

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LAG0062 - 17oz mini/small pellets DISCONTINUED

LAG0072 - 17oz small/medium pellets

LAG0073 - 2.2 lb. small/medium pellets

LAG0081 - 2.2 lb large pellets

LAG0082 - 4.4 lb large pellets


LAG0031 - 17oz small pellets

LAG0036 - 2.2 lb medium pellets DISCONTINUED

LAG0039 - 2.2 lb large pellets


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