Hand - The Ultimate Pond Helper

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Hand - The Ultimate Pond Helper

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The flexible fingers of the Python HAND "walk" along the pond bottem as a net can't --to safely rake debris to a convenient point for scooping, draining, and disposal of those icky things that might damage a net - yet strong enough to retrieve and reposition floating points & pond accessories.

NOTE: Only Handle available is HYD014 that is 18" long.

  • Liner Friendly
  • Rake
  • Scoop
  • Lift
  • Hold
  • Relocated
You determine the length of reach by pairing the Python HAND with any of three Python Ulti-net Telescopic Handles.
The Python HAND is interchangable with the full line of Python Ulti-net Pond Heads for complete custom pond care. 
The Python HAND is for use with Ulti-net Telescopic Handles
Telescopic Handles:
PYP30-30" - 56" reach (Handle ONLY) - UNAVAILABLE
PYP46-46" - 90" reach (Handle ONLY) - UNAVAILABLE
PYP58-58" - 120" reach (Handle ONLY) -  UNAVAILABLE

HYD014 - Net Handle 18" Long


Note:- Hand only (Please order Telescopic Handle too if desired)


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