Heavy Duty Tomato Barrel w/Tower Discontinued

Heavy Duty Tomato Barrel w/Tower | Discontinued Products

Heavy Duty Tomato Barrel w/Tower

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This item has been discontinued or is no longer in stock.

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The Tomato Barrel planting system provides both a planting container and built-in staking for plant support. It provides lightweight, strong support for tomatoes, beans, peas and other climbing plants and flowers. 

An easy-to-fill reservoir delivers water and nutrients from below, helping to avoid over or under watering. The sturdy frame helps support the weight of the vines as they grow, allowing the plant to devote more energy to developing fruit - and preventing the fruit from falling off before it's ripe.

HYDGCTC: 4 ft Tomato Tower Cage with 4 support rings. Designed to fit in our Tomato Barrel,  but it works just as well as a stand-along tomato cage that can be used in your garden. It allows the flexibility of adding only the number or rings you need as your plants grow 


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