KH/Carbonate Alkalinity Test Kit

KH/Carbonate Alkalinity Test Kit | Pond Test Kits

KH/Carbonate Alkalinity Test Kit

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Brand: Microbe-Lift


MICROBE-LIFT/KH Test Kit for Carbonate Alkalinity level in pond or aquarium:

For natural biological ammonia removal process, referred to as Nitrification:

  • Requires the presence of KH (carbonate alkalinity) at all times
  • Utilizes 7.1 mg of KH for every 1 mg of ammonia removed
  • Continuously depletes KH so KH must be monitored and restored as needed with MICROBE-LIFT/KH Bio-Active Booster (ML/KH).
  • Works in Fresh & Salt Water
  • Maintain 100 ppm KH at all times to assure nitrification.

•Test Tube
•Test Solution
•Conversion Chart


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