LED Core Ring Light with Transformer

Pond Lights - LED Core Ring Light with Transformer

LED Core Ring Light with Transformer

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LED Core Ring Light with Transformer Fits into top of decorative fountains!
Add a new dimension to your decorative fountain with the Aquascape LED Core Ring Light.

This compact roundshaped fitting retrofits into most Aquascape fountains.

The unit allows water to pass through the center of the light making for a stunning display.

A great addition to your decorative fountain.

Small compact design sits on top of the decorative fountain.

Water passes through the center of the fixture.

Energy efficient.

A Entire Core Ring LED light only consumes a couple watts.

LED lights last 2-3 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.

#98284 LED Core Ring Light with Transformer

Available: White

The diameter of the core in the middle is 9/16" and the diameter of the whole Ring is 1.5".

Can be used in or out of water.

Cord Length from Transformer to Light - 10 Feet

Note: Does NOT work with 12-Volt Transformers

Product Dimensions, In. (L x W x H) 1 " diameter x 1 "
Acceptable Dimension Variance None
Finishing/Paint/Coating/Color Brass with a nickel finish
Material (primary, secondary, etc) Brass with a nickel finish
Product Weight, lb. 10 oz.
Wall Thickness n/a
Tooling Cost , Leadtime n/a
Flow Rate L/H n/a

Other Mech Specs (UL, life span) LED Light
* Led Material- fluorescent powder,transparent EP,Silver,tutania
* Circuit board Material- fiberboard, lead free stannum
* Circuit board UL #E232206
* Circuit board material model 1.0FR4
* Circuit board temperature range 260 C
* Metal shell temperature range 300 C
* Wire Type SPT-2W VW-1 300V DC
* Wire UL# E175909


LED Transformer
* Input 120V-60Hz 7VA
* Output 12VDC 0.2A 2.5VA
* C UL US #E149474

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

View PDF Info Sheet


Compact LED light for use in garden fountain water feature.

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