Floating Fountain Lighting Kits
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Brand: Anjon


Anjon Floating Fountain Light Kits are excellent additions to their fountains. The kits have everything you need to get your lighting up and running. 

Available in White LED or Color Changing options

3 LED brass fixtures, 3 mounting brackets, 100 foot water proof extension cable, RGB remote control, transformer, and a photocell to turn off the system during the day. 

The RGB systems have countless color options and customizable settings. These lighting systems will take your floating fountain to a whole new level. They can also be adapted to fit on other companies floating fountains.

  • 3 9 watt RBG color changing LED brass fixtures
  • Mounting hardware
  • 100 foot extension cable
  • RGB remote control
  • Transformer
  • PhotoCell
  • 2 year warranty


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