Lockable Steel Cabinets Sound-Proofing Optional

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Lockable Steel Cabinets
Sound-Proofing Optional

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Starts at: $485.99

Brand: EasyPro


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Part #: SCFAN1


Part #: SC18


Part #: SC22


Standard Cabinet:

  • 16 1/2″ W x 22″ L x 19″ H will hold all compressors up to RV100 or multiple smaller units with stainless steel lock to protect against vandalism
  • 14 gauge galvanized steel with powder coat paint finish
  • Includes a compressor mounting base to keep compressor up off floor
    • Tapered lid makes front wall shorter allowing easier access to compressor
    • Has six 1 1/4″ knockouts for airlines and one knockout for incoming power
    • Optional fans recommended on any compressors operating in hot climates and on 3/4 HP and larger in all climates

SC22 -Standard Locking Cabinet  16.5"W x 22"L x 19"H

Deluxe Cabinets are upgraded standard models that include cooling fan and electrical box. Cooling fan kits include fan, guard, power cord and hardware. 

SC22D1- Deluxe Cabinet with electric and 115v fan installed 

SC22D2 - Deluxe Cabinet with electric and 230v fan installed 

SC18SU Sound proofing option available - high quality acoustical foam reduces motor sound considerably. Price includes factory installation into cabinet.

Customer Question:

I would like to buy a SC22 cabinet for an aeration system along with the sound proofing kit. What is the difference between regular and deluxe? Also, do you have a version of the SC22 that has a 115v fan?

Easy Pro Answer:

The SC22 is just the basic cabinet no electrical or fan installed.

If your customer is interested in a 115v fan then there are two choices. First choice SC22 basic cabinet and adding the SCFK1 Cooling fan kit for SC22 cabinet. Second choice is the deluxe cabinet SC22D1 which includes the 115v electrical component kit & 115v fan installed.

The soundproofing is always an add-on, use part# SC22SU.


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