Microbe-Lift Enhance Spray Flavor Enhancer for Pond Fish Food

Microbe-Lift Enhance | Microbe-lift

Microbe-Lift Enhance
Spray Flavor Enhancer for Pond Fish Food

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Brand: Microbe-Lift


Liquid krill flavor enhancer for pond fish food. Spray onto any food to ENHANCE flavor! 

  • Improves taste of oral medications & convalescent diets 
  • Enhances flavor of feeds with high protein content 
  • Compliments the range of essential fatty acids, vitamins & minerals in the diet 

MICROBE-LIFT/Enhance LIQUID KRILL FLAVOR ENHANCER is a highly pigmented protein rich liquid made from 100% Euphausia superba (Krill) - a major natural food source of many marine creatures and part of their natural diet.

  MICROBE-LIFT/Enhance is nutritionally complete containing proteins, lipids, pigments, vitamins, enzymes and many other important constituents. During a process called hydrolysis, the protein is semi-digested and the maximum digestive potential of the krill is realized. 

MICROBE-LIFT/ Enhance is a powerful flavorer with superior flavor characteristics because of the complex aromatic compounds released during bio-processing. The pre-digestion of the protein produces a maximum attractant response, with its characteristics especially useful in helping stressed fish resume feeding and helping in delivery of oral medications. 


Protein & Amino Acids

The protein quality in MICROBE-LIFT/Enhance is excellent, making it an ideal protein with a full complement of all essential amino acids. 

Fatty Acids & Natural Antioxidants

MICROBE-LIFT/Enhance is a rich source of a wide variety of fatty acids and natural anti-oxidants which inhibit the oxidation of fatty acids. 

Natural Pigments

The krill in MICROBE-LIFT/ Enhance contain high concentrations of carotenoid pigments - Ataxanthin in particular, which enhances coloration to the skin of ornamental fish. 

DIRECTIONS: MICROBE-LIFT/ Enhance is ideally suited either for mixing into food or coating it. It is the perfect flavor enhancer (attractant). 

Store in a cool, protected environment away from direct sunlight. Available in 2 spray sizes:

EML209 -8 oz

EML210- 32 oz


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