Nova Vase Fountain

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Nova Vase Fountain

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Brand: EasyPro


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A collection of Tranquil Decor vases and self contained fountains made from Deco-Crete. The unique acid stain finish, in addition to providing fantastic visual appeal, permeates the surface to create a lasting bond and the most durable finish available.

Pieces with acid stain have an impressive color retention that will last for years.

Nova Vase Fountain:

33" tall x 27" wide

Made from Deco-Crete with acid stain finish

Available separately (with 3 1/2" of 3/4" tubing) or as a complete kit

Flow rates from 400 to 800 gph recommended

Kit includes Nova Vase fountain, 40" basin (FBL40) and 295 gph mag drive pump with flow control

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

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