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OASE Pond Jet Floating Fountain

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The Pond Jet is a floating fountain unit that can be used anywhere - even where muddy or deep pond floors do not allow for easy installation of a water feature pump unit.

A floating fountain is ideal for those who want to add a special effect to an existing pond without much installation (such as special events) or for ponds that vary in water level.

The Pond Jet floating fountain is ready to connect and can be installed in minutes. Additional nozzle patterns can be installed (must be purchased separately).

Easy to Install and Easy to Adjust

The best feature of the pond jet is its ability to be deployed in a number of applications that may have drastically different conditions. With no need to cut into liner, or place pump on the bottom of a pond, the PondJet truly is a dream come true for those who have either a large or small pond and want an installation that is as simple as possible. It is as simple as removing the PondJet from its packaging, assembling the few parts, run power to the pump, and place in the water of your pond, truly an item that will add life to your pond and will take no time to set up.

ALl in one solutionThe PondJet floating fountain is ready to be placed in the water as soon as you take it out of the box with minimal assembly. The PondJet comes with everything you need in box that means you have the pump, float, and nozzle; no need for any other components to add fascinating moving water to your pond at home. It truly is a great solution for those that want a fountain in their pond, but do not wish to do modifications to their existing pond set up. (Image Shown with Optional Lighting Set)

Adjustments made easyThe PondJet floating fountain has been designed with ease of use in mind, the image to the right shows the PondJet with one of our Frothy Nozzles attached, which will adjust the fountain pattern to have a beautiful foaming effect. The installation time on a nozzle is almost non-existent, simply unscrew existing fountain nozzle and screw on the 1' nozzle of your choice and you are done. Make your fountain as individual as you by using any 1' nozzle pattern!

ADD THE BEAUTY OF LIGHT TO YOUR PONDThe PondJet floating fountain can be turned into your pond's centerpiece by adding the PondJet lighting system. With simple assembly your pond will have not only the beauty of moving water, but will draw your guests in with the welcoming glow of illuminated water!

 2400-gph max.
 75’ cord.
3yr limited warranty.
 Water pattern is approximately 10’high and 10’diameter.
 Minimum water depth of 3 -4.5’ is required.
 Unit consists of PUMP - FLOAT - NOZZLE ASSEMBLY. 

Pond Jet Light Set guarantees proper illumination (available as an optional accessory).



  • Not approved for use in swimming pools or salt water
  • Must be plugged in to a properly grounded and GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protected 120 Volt outlet !
Floating pumps Pond-Jet
Size (QxH) 26 x 21 in.
Power consumption 260 W
Max Flow Rate 2400 gph
Max. Head 336 in.
Pattern Height 8,0
Outlet Connection
Strainer surface area 101 sq. in.
Cable length 75 ft.
Limited warranty 3 years
Part Number 54019

Pond Jet Floating Fountain Unit - OAS54019

PondJet Halogen Set (3-50 Watts) - OAS51071

The Oase PondJet Light Set supplies an atmospheric, illuminated water feature in the twilight hours and consists of (3) Oase LunAqua 10 50 Watt Halogen Spotlights, (3) stainless steel mounting brackets, an underwater transformer and 75 ft. of cable.

PondJet Timer Control - OAS85150 - Ask for availability

Replacement Bulbs - OAS53541  

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

View PDF Info Sheet


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