Phosphate Remover by Clear Pond

Phosphate Remover by Clear Pond | Phosphate Control

Phosphate Remover by Clear Pond

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Brand: Clear Pond


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Reacts with orthophosphates immediately to bond on a molecular level, with soluble orthophosphate - makes them insoluble - which creates particulate matter (40 to 50 microns) that can be filtered or left to drop to the bottom of a pond to be consumed by fish or broken down by bacteria.
Has been proven to eliminate phosphates that result from animal waste, food, and environmental conditions.
Regular use helps nature to eliminate conditions that may cause algae blooms.
Treats up to 1000 gallons per ounce

Available in:
CLP24 (16-oz)
CLP25 (32-oz)
CLP26 (1-gal)


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