Single Polished Top Basalt Fountain Kit 35" Tall

Single Polished Top Basalt Fountain Kit | Basalt Fountains

Single Polished Top Basalt Fountain Kit
35" Tall

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Starts at: $506.51

Brand: EasyPro


Each column is core drilled with a 1 1/4" (32mm) hole from end to end, the last 1 1/2" is enlarged to 1/ 3/8" (37mm) to hide light ring. Polished tops spill water from all sides. Due to natural characteristics of the basalts - the size, weight, and number of sides will vary.

Single basalt 35" kit includes:

Redi-Basin – 29" x 24" x 13.5"H #RBH29

MP230 pump

Splitter and plumbing kit

LED8B light

Winterizing Basalt Fountains

If you live in a climate that experiences prolonged freezing conditions then we recommend removing the pump from the basin. Place the pump in a bucket of water if you have an “oil-and-seals” type pump and store it in a place that will not freeze. If you have a mag-drive pump, just clean and store.

Do not drain the basin during the winter months- allow the water to freeze in the basin so that the ground doesn’t cause the basin to rise or “pop up” from expansion of the freezing soil around it.

The Rock Columns are manufactured to withstand freezing conditions and can be left outside during the winter months. There is no need to cover the Rock Columns.


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