Pond Boss Replacement Filter Pads

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Pond Boss Replacement Filter Pads

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Starts at: $10.34

Brand: Pond Boss


Assorted filters for Pond Boss pumps, filters, and prefilters.

PBG94: Replacement filter pad for Pond Pump Prefilter PBG99 (FRM001)

PBG95: Replacement filter pads for FM002P/PBG06 (FRM002) - This filter pad needs to be changed only once a year

PBG96: Replacement filter pads for FUVFL/PBG01 (FRUVFL) - Replace the filter pad on a regular basis, depending on the cleanliness of your pond or water garden.

PBG97: Replacement filter pads for FP900/FP1250UV - PBG04/05 (FRP)  

UV Filter pads should be changed once a year for maximum efficiency. Contains a coarse and fine filter. Dimensions: 8.5 in. x 8.5 in. x 3 in.


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