Pond Monsta Vacuum Cleaning System by EasyPro Pond Products - Discontinued

Pond Monsta Vacuum Cleaning System by EasyPro Pond Products | Discontinued Products

Pond Monsta Vacuum Cleaning System by EasyPro Pond Products
- Discontinued

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This item has been discontinued or is no longer in stock.

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Finally, a system that really works!


Pond Monsta is a revolutionary pond cleaning system designed to clean up leaves, string algae, and sludge. This complete system works up to 4 times faster than and is much quieter and faster then traditional pond vacuums. 


Leaves, string algae, sludge and other debris are sucked up through the submersible head and pumped through the discharge hose into the debris collector. The near neutral buoyancy head allows for easy movement along the pond floor.

Solids as small as 2mm are removed in the debris collector, and the pond water is either recycled to the pond if water is clear or reused to water the lawn, and flower beds if sludge content is too high. Water from the collector can be recycled back into the pond if sludge content is not high.  The collected debris can be simply composted or discarded.

EasyPro Pond Monsta Pond Vacuum embraces European design sensibility that eliminates bulky vacuum canisters found on traditional pond vacuums. Sleek, "stick-style" unit employs a submersible vacuum head that makes short work of pond muck, sludge, sediment and organic waste. Since the vacuum head is actually in the water, the Pond Monsta experiences minimal loss of initial suction due to friction. 

Vacuuming power begins right in the water! Direct drive impeller rapidly and continuously draws in sludge and other pond debris and transports dirty pond water to a remote debris collector. Removable mesh filter traps large particles for convenient disposal or composting. Depending on sludge or particulate content, return vacuumed water to your pond or discharge into your garden to nourish flowering plants. 

The EasyPro Pond Monsta Pond Vacuum features a built-in thermal auto shutoff and removes large particles up to 1-1/4". Operates at a minimum water depth of 12" and a maximum water depth of 16.4 feet. 40 ft power cord.

Includes: Submersible Vacuum Head, Brush Head, 20 ft Discharge Hose, 7 ft Telescoping Handle, Spare Impeller and Debris Collector with removable mesh filter and dual discharge outlets.

NOTE: Trigger-style handle requires a GA 23A Alkaline Battery to activate Pond Monsta Pond Vacuum. 

Easy - in pool near neutral buoyancy allows ease of movement around the pond floor 
Effective - Powerful suction, removes leaves, stones (up to 32mm), blanket weed and sludge. Up to 1500 gph flow 
Control and safety - Remote control Power on / power off switch 
Flexible - upgrades available, handle extension and different cleaning heads complete the range 
Quick - 4 times faster than other pond vacuums 
Safe - Pond floor intake prevents any harm from coming to the fish 
Economical - Low wattage motor compared to other pond vacuum systems 
Environmental - The Monsta collector allows - collection of 2mm or more solids for composting and allows water to be recycled to the pond or used to water the rest of the garden 
Pond Monsta Complete Includes:
  • Pond Monsta
  • Pond Monsta Collector, with barbed discharge ports
  • 20' Discharge Hose, 1.5" diameter
  • 7' telescoping aluminum handle
  • 4" Power Brush Head
  • 8" Wheeled Brush Head
  • Remote Control On/Off Switch Built into Handle
  • Spare Impeller
  • 2 Year Warranty!
Optional Items (Sold Seperatley)
  • 4' Extension Handle for Larger Ponds - (PMVH4) DISCONTINUED
  • 12" Large pond wheeled brush head - (PMV12H)  DISCONTINUED
Pond Monsta Specifications
  • Powerful 115v, 350w motor with 40' power cord
  • Minimum Operating Depth - 11.81"
  • Maximum Operatin Depth - 16' 4"
  • Maximum Flows - 1188 Gallons Per Hour
  • Maximum Lift - 9'6"
  • Much quieter than traditional pond vacuums with motor underwater
  • With over 15,000 units sold in Europe it has been thoroughly tested
  • EasyPro is pleased to be the first company to bring this great system to the U.S.
Review by customer Josh H.

"The Monsta Vac has got some Balls to it.  It really moves the water, which is what I think the complaints from many pond vac people were saying they had with other vacs. I would like to see a tighter mesh netting for the catch bin, currently the netting that's being used will only catch large item like leaves, but can easily be resolved by implementing your own tighter nit netting which is what I did. Also, an additional hose extension as an option for people like me with a fairly large pond. I coupled a cleanout hose we have, so I was able to make it work, but I can see others having the same issue. The concept of the Vac seems good, push the water, not to try to above ground vacuum (pull) the water. And like I said, it has some balls to it, it really moves the water.You had asked me before to write you to let you know how I liked it. "


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Image 1.0 stars out of 5
A piece of junk

Don't wast your time. I have had this unit several years. It may, if you are lucky, work for awhile but then it will not pump. The bag the water goes into is a joke. One star is too generous.

Reviewed Sat, Sep 06 2014 9:37 am by

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