Pump Intake Screen for Carry Pumps

Pump Intake Screen for Carry Pumps | Carry High Volume Pumps

Pump Intake Screen for Carry Pumps

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Brand: Carry


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Pump Intake Screens

Heavy duty screens are designed to be used with pumps to prevent sticks, weeds, fish, etc. from plugging pump

Made from SDR35 PVC and high density polyethylene top and bottom plates, screen is perforated with 1/2"holes

CPSB is designed for 2 and 3 hp pumps

CPSC is designed for 5, 71/2 and 10 hp pumps

Customer Question:

Could you tell me what is the NPT size on the CPSC pump intake screen rated for 5HP pumps and above? 

Supplier Answer:

This is not an item that can be purchased and installed on another manufacturer's pump. The CPSC are optional screens used on submersible Carry pumps. They are factory installed at the time the pump is built so there is no "NPT" size. The NPT connections are on the discharge of the pumps not on the screen. These screens cover the pump intake end on their submersible pumps and are specifically engineered for the Carry pumps. 


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