Remote Debris Basket & Filter Housing by Filtrific

Remote Debris Basket & Filter Housing by Filtrific | Skimmers

Remote Debris Basket & Filter Housing by Filtrific

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Brand: Filtrific


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Part #: E20-40


  • A Remote Filter increases flow capacity by adding additional suction points.
  • Remote placement can be set away from water feature - enhanced skimming by pulling water from different areas of the water feature.
  • Versatile Design can be connected to skimmer or bottom drains.
  • Increase the Filter Tank flow-capacity by utilizing the “more capacity” port(s) on the Filter Tanks to connect additional filtered water.

Filter basket & remote skimmer sold separately

Filter Baskets Available Here


 Part Number


Max Flow (GPH) 

Dimensions (LxWxH) 

 Inlet Size

Outlet Size 


Remote Debris Basket & Filter Housing 


13" x 24" 



Large Water Feature Schematic (Top View)

Utilize the bottom port(s) on the Filter Tank to provide additional filtered water flow to the pump chamber. In the diagram to the left, water flows into the Filter Tank through the main skimmer port, two remote Filters and Skimmers and, a Bottom Draw Filter Skimmer. 


Segment on this product begins at the 7:29 mark of the video.


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