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Smart Control Receiver for Aquascape Adjustable Flow Pumps

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Brand: Aquascape

SKU: 45038

The Aquascape Smart Pump Receiver is required to run Aquascape Adjustable Flow Pond Pumps, allowing you to control your pump from anywhere. The specially designed receiver makes it easy to connect your pump to your smart phone or tablet, allowing for a variety of wireless control functions, including flow adjustment and customized scheduling. 

Connecting your device to the Aquascape APP is quick and easy, simply plug in your pump, pair the receiver to your device, and enjoy. 

The smart receiver also includes an integrated control panel with digital numeric display and quick-and-easy flow-adjustment. The receiver includes a weather-proof, quick-connect fitting for quick and secure setup. 

PondMeister Note:To replace the original Remote and Receiver  from an Aquascape Adjustable Flow pump purchased between 2013-2019 and have the ability to directly control your pump without internet access, you will need to order a Smart Control Receiver for Aquascape Adjustable Flow Pumps #45038 and a Universal Remote for Aquascape Adjustable Flow Pumps #45041. If you just want to control the pump with your Cell phone, you will not need the Universal Remote #45041

45038 - Standard Smart Receiver is compatible with AquaSurge®, AquaForce® and SLD 4000-7000 Adjustable Flow Pond Pumps. 

45039 - Large model compatible with the SLD 5000-9000 Pond Pump. 

A conversion plug is included to upgrade existing Aquascape Adjustable Flow Pumps to smart controls. The Smart Pump Receiver is compatible with iPhone and Android operating systems and adequate wireless coverage is required (2.4 GHz supported). 

The Smart Control Receiver is backed by a 3-year limited warranty to ensure year after year of reliable use.

Customer Question:

Before I return the new Smart Control I want to look at it more closely. We also have a fountain whose lights could be controlled by it. I tried to download the app for the Smart Control but couldn’t do it. I just wanted to see what the control on my phone looked like. I will try to do this again, but I may have to unpack the new controller (which I do not want to do if I am going to return it.)

Aquascape Answer:

The smart control receiver that is for the variable speed pumps only work those pumps. Lights will not hook up to the receiver. Depending on what type of lights they have, they can use the SmartControl Plug for Aquascape Lights,#82001. If they have color changing lights , they would be able to use the smart control hub for color changing lights.

Customer Question:

1. Can it stand up to water from sprinklers or does it need to be covered 

2. Can it be controlled by more than just one phone?

Aquascape Answer:

Smart Control receiver is rated for outdoor use , but I wouldn’t not install it where a sprinkler could get it wet.

Smart control receiver can be shared by 2 phones if needed, but you would need to set it up in the app that way. Click on the top left button in the main app ,select home and this brings you to organization settings. Select members and invite new member .

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

View PDF Info Sheet

Pairing Smart Control Receiver to your Device


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