St Gabriels Milky Spore Powder

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Brand: St Gabriel Organics


Milky Spore Powder is a One Time application using only one teaspoonful every 4 feet in a checkerboard pattern on your lawn, or use the Lawn and Garden Dispenser

• Apply anytime the ground is not frozen
• Ten year performance guarantee on the Japanese Beetle Grub (can last up to twenty years)
• Not harmful to man, animals or the environment, safe to use around water ways
• Kills the grub stage of the Japanese Beetle
• Natural bacteria eats the grub from the inside
• Does not harm beneficial insects
•Omri listed for use in organic production.
Application Info:
• Milky Spore Powder is applied every four feet using one teaspoon or the Lawn and Garden Dispenser
• Your lawn will look like a grid pattern or checker board. Apply just before it rains or water in gently for about fifteen minutes

Not registered for sale in the state of Washington, or Oregon.

MSP10: Milky Spore Powder 10oz
10oz-will treat 2,500 sq ft

MSP40: Milky Spore Powder 40oz
40 oz-will treat 10,000 sq ft


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