Tetra Vacuum Drain

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Tetra Vacuum Drain

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Connect to pump via 2 PVC or 2 swimming pool flex hose. Easy retrofitting of existing ponds.


  • 2" ABS or PVC pipe - Length determined by pond size & configuration. Using pipe less than 2" ID will restrict flow from drain. However, smaller diameter pipe can be used on pump end. If properly anchored to prevent floating, 2" ID flex hose can be used instead of PVC pipe.
  • 2" ABS or PVC elbows - Type and number determined by pond configuration.
  • PVC saw
  • All-purpose cement
  • Sand or gravel for filling dome


    1. Locate drain at the lowest unobstructed point in the pond. Be sure drain sits level on the pond bottom.

    2. To give stability, bottom drain dome must be weighted. Fill drain dome nearly full with sand or gravel, then glue on plug with all-purpose cement.

    3. With all purpose cement glue 90 degree connector elbow onto the dome outlet.

    4. Determine distance from pond side wall to the drain site and cut a matching length of 2" pipe. Connect pipe to connector coupling. Do not cement! Lay pipe horizontally, as level as possible, so drain remains flat on pond bottom. Connector is designed to help keep the drain in level contact with the pond bottom.

    5. To install pipe over pond top edge - For straight or slightly sloped pond walls, connect a 90 degree elbow and vertical pipe up the pond side wall. Do not cement! If pond wall is irregular, a 45 degree elbow may be needed for connection. After making sure fitting connections are correct, remove pipe and fittings from pond and cement together. Always cement pipe connections out of water.

    6. To install top edge pipe to pump, connect a 90 degree elbow and needed pipe length to make pump connection. Test fit before cementing together. Remember to keep pond bottom pipe as level as possible so the drain is in full contact with the pond bottom. For easy priming and less wear on pump, place the pump at or below water level. Water should discharge from the pump to a filter then re-circulate back to the pond.

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