TH Pump Replacement Parts by Easy Pro

TH Pump Replacement Parts by Easy Pro | Easy Pro

TH Pump Replacement Parts by Easy Pro

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Replacement Parts for Easy Pro TH Series Pumps

Original TH Pumps - Pre Mid 2009

1.Power Cord with Mounting Plate 

THCORD - fits TH150/250/400 

THCORD2 - fits TH750 

2.Handle - THTOP 


TH 1 50CAP - fits TH 150 

TH250CAP - Capacitor fits Old-style TH250 - #28 Rep. Capacitor For TH250 Round, 20UF, 250V, AC 

TH400CAP - fits TH400 

TH750CAP - fits Old-style TH750 - #28 Rep. Capacitor For TH750 Round, 50UF, 250V, AC

4.Pump Seal Kit - THSK 

5.Bearing Set (Top & Bottom) 

THBS1 - fits TH150/250 

THBS2 - fits TH400/750 


TH150i - fits TH150 

TH250i - fits TH250 

TH400i - fits TH400 

TH750i - fits TH750 

7.Outlet Flange - THF 

8.Bottom Gasket - THGASKET Discontinued

9.Pump Base - THBASE 

10.Rubber Feet - THRF

TH Pumps Mid 2009 & Newer 

1. Power Cord w/Mounting plate (115 volt) 

THCORDN - Fits TH150/250/400 

THCORD2N - Fits TH750 

2. Handle - THHANDLEN 

3. Top pump cover - THTOPN 

4. Capacitor (115 volt) 

TH150250CAPN - fits TH150/250 

TH400CAPN - fits TH400 

TH750CAPN - fits TH750 

5. Seal Kit - THSKN 

6. Bearing Set (Top & Bottom) 

THBS1 - fits TH150/250 

THBS2 - fits TH400/750 

7. Impeller 

TH150IN - fits TH150 

TH250IN - fits TH250 

TH400IN - fits TH400 

TH750IN - fits TH750 

8. Outlet Flange - THOFN 

9. Bottom Gasket - THBGN 

10. Pump Base - THBBN 

11. Rubber Feet - THRFN

Identifying whether your TH Pump is Pre-2009 or Post-2009:

  1. The N in the Serial Number at the bottom of the Pump Label indicates that it is a New or Post-2009 Pump
  2. The easiest and quickest way to tell the old style from the new (mid- 2009 design change) is to look at the bottom and see if there are set screw ports for the bottom screen to be attached. If there aren't any, then it is the old style.

  3. Another way to tell is by the capacitor. If the pump is the older style, they are round. The newer style is a rectangle shaped capacitor.


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