The New "Party-Pack Filter Mat" - Clears up pond FAST!

The New

The New "Party-Pack Filter Mat"
- Clears up pond FAST!

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SKU: Party-Pak-2

Need to clear up that pond fast for the Big Party this week-end? offers the new "Party-Pack Filter Mat" designed expressly for clearing up your pond NOW.

Designed for short-term use to immediately clear up the pond.

Place in the skimmer or in front of the skimmer or anywhere the water passes through. (If placed in front of the skimmer, be sure to keep an eye on it as it traps so many particles that it may fill up quickly and clog your pump).
Once it fills up with particles and debris and turns dark, simply hose off and re-use.
Best used in conjunction with any Pond Flocculant or clarifier such as RapidClear by Aquascape. These products are designed to clump suspended debris which can then be easily removed by the Party-Pack Filter.
These come individually - One Mat per package.
  • 15" x 17" 2"
  • Compressed Polyester
  • Re-usable and washable

Note: These filters mats DO trap particles and debris very quickly. Please observe closely to make sure these mats do not block your pumps from the water supply.


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