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Model 1000

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Brand: Black River Nursery


A Thermoplanter is an innovative new tool for anyone who wishes to grow and enjoy tropical waterlilies. Whether you have a water garden in your back yard or a container on a patio, the Thermoplanter will make growing these wonderful plants easy. The Thermoplanter will allow you to place your lily outside 4-6 weeks earlier in the year than normally possible. In more southern climates the Thermoplanter will insure winter survivability only possible in the deep south. In the north the tropical can be wintered in the Thermoplanter by simply bringing it indoors and plugging it back in, no difficult storage methods or techniques.

How Does The Thermoplanter Accomplish This?

The Thermoplanter has a unique Patent pending design that utilizes a heavy insulated outer pot with a lighter thermally conductive inner pot. A layer of water lies between the two pots and is heated by a thermostatically controlled 70 watt heater. The heated water conducts through the inner pot warming the soil and waterlily tuber. An insulated cover traps and directs the heat towards the growth point of the plant creating a micro-climate around the plant. This micro-climate allows you to place your tropical waterlily into the pond even when the water would be considered much to cold for tropical lilies to grow in (High 50s to low 60s F.) Tropical waterlilies will grow in cooler water as long as the roots and growth point are kept warm.

How Much Does It Cost To Operate A Thermoplanter?

A Thermoplanter will cost about $30.00 dollars a year to operate or on average about $2.50 a month, Based on .12 cents a kilowatt hour. Heating an entire pond would cost perhaps hundreds of dollars per month making the Thermoplanter a very economical choice for your pond.

Height: 9.75 inches / 24.77 cm
Diameter: 13 inches US / 33.02 cm
Outside Container Volume: 4.7 gallons US / 3.9 imperial gallon

Customer Question:

Can the thermoplanter be used to grow a small lotus by itself? Meaning does it work without submerging the whole planter into a pond or barrel? 

Supplier Answer:

No, sorry - has to be submersed

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