Transformer for Synchronizing ColorFalls

Transformer for Synchronizing ColorFalls | ColorFalls Lighted Falls by Atlantic Water Gardens

Transformer for Synchronizing ColorFalls

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Brand: Atlantic Water Gardens


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Whether you want to create a single, seamless waterfall up to 15 feet wide, or synchronize multiple Color Changing Colorfalls, the CCCM05 Master Controller makes linking spillways simple. 

Just plug each LED light bar into the splitter and synchronize as many as five different Color Changing Colorfalls with a single transformer and a single remote! Each Master Control Module comes with a 60 watt transformer, two 3-way, 6-wire splitters and a 1 year warranty. 

  • Connect and synchronize up to five Color Changing Colorfalls
  • Features weather resistant quick-connect plugs for easy installation
  • Includes transformer and (2) 3-way splitters to connect up to 5 Color Changing Colorfalls
  • 1-year Warranty


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