Water Conditioner for Ponds

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Water Conditioner for Ponds

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Brand: Iku Koi Kichi

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Water Conditioner for Ponds quickly neutralizes chlorine and chloramine and chelates heavy metals while also binding harmful elements common in tap water. Water Conditioner for Ponds makes tap water safe and protects your fish from the dangers of chlorine exposure and heavy metal toxicity in new and established ponds. This product is also very useful when making water changes or when adding new fish.

Directions: 1 cap treats up to 250 gallons/946 L. For larger ponds use the graduated measuring chart on the side of the bottle adding 1 ounce/30 ml for every 1,000 gallons/3,800 L of pond water. Apply product in the area of the pond with the best circulation. 32 oz treats 32,000 gallons


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