Winter Decor Set - 30L for 8 Gallon Aquariums

Winter Decor Set - 30L | Decor Sets

Winter Decor Set - 30L
for 8 Gallon Aquariums

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Starts at: $64.36

Brand: biOrb

SKU: OAB55028

  • The biOrb Winter 30L Decor Set contains some of our favorite aquarium decorations to bring your 8-gallon biOrb to life
  • Decor made from high grade materials for safety and durability
  • Unique designs bring aquarium to life with vibrant and detailed decor
  • Items are safe for freshwater, tropical, and saltwater aquarium set ups
  • Enjoy significant savings when selecting the kit in comparison to buying items separately

Decor Set includes:

1 biOrb Holly Tree Set
1 Green Moss Pebbles
1 White Sea Urchins Set of 3
1 White Sea Lily
1 Holly Ball
1 Mistletoe Ball


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