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Liner Air Vent

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Starts at: $46.69

Brand: EasyPro


Use these 1" vents to release air or water trapped under pond liners.

Includes 1" bulkhead fitting and pressure relief fitting.

Keeps liners from floating up when air (or water) gets trapped underneath.

Customer Question:

My pond liner lifts every time the water table rises. Is there a valve that would allow the water in but not out of the pond?

Easy Pro Answer:

With a liner that is already installed it is not an easy fix unfortunately. If you  can drain the pond and get under the liner we have our LAV - Liner Air Vents. Basically a bulkhead fitting with a pressure valve is inserted into the liner at the lowest point. When the pressure builds up under the liner this valve is popped open and the air or water is released into the pond. After the pressure is relieved the valve closes again.

The other option is to install the Multi-Vent under the liner. The liner would have to be removed to do that. The pressure of the water in the pond forces any build up of air or water up the Multi-vent and out from under the liner. Unfortunately, this is only sold in 125' long rolls and has a minimum quantity of two rolls. It also ships factory direct via motor freight. A little much for a small water garden!

Attached is the page in our catalog showing these items. Please note the manufacturer of the Multi-Vent recently changed the roll length to 125', not the 150' listed in the catalog. That change was made after the catalog was printed.


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??more info
Why can't it explain more about what it does and how and where to install it? I want to buy this product but the lack of info
Makes me wonder why there's no reviews or more info from others wether it works , lasts, or does the job it claims to?
Reviewed Sat, Oct 12 2013 7:06 am by

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